Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Are what make life wonderful! I know corny but totally true!

I had lunch today with my friend Laura! :) Laura and I have been friends since 5th grade band when we sat in the flute section with our friend Erin. Caitlin, our other best girlfriend had to be different and play clarinet. Now, Laura and I work in Cleveland and have so much to share on both a professional and non-professional level. Erin is in Boston and Caitlin in New York (coming back to Cleveland this summer!). With people moving far from where they grew up to pursue careers its rare to be so close to friends still.

I consider myself extremely blessed when it comes to friends. I have friends, like Laura, who I have know for 15+ years and friends who I just met in the last few years. They are all wonderful, supportive, and interesting people! Some even bail my husband and I out when we plan a party and then have no water! Amy and Tim hosted our Super Bowl party for us on Sunday when we thought we would be without water all day!

I am richly blessed. Not everyone gets to grab lunch with one of their best friends since grade school!

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