Wednesday, January 27, 2010

party trick

This story was personally requested by one of my many (3) followers.

When I was younger I was on the wee-er side of things. Frequently falling on the outside of the weight and height charts at the pediatricians. Being wee came in handy sometimes. I could do things to impress my friends, like, say, curl up in the living room of my doll house at the age of 15. Yep that's right. I used to empty out all the furniture and barbie dolls and impress my friends by sliding into the doll house. Hands, feet, head, the whole shabang, curled up in Barbie and Ken's living room.

There has been a request that I demonstrate this at our next party. I still have the doll house so we'll see..... I think only my head would fit in now though.

A pretty nifty party trick don't you think? ;)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

my dishwasher is out to get me

That's right, I am convinced my dishwasher is out to get me. One, it has these "fabulous" little silverware dividers that are conveniently about half a millimeter too small for my silverware. This results in me yelling at the dishwasher while it hangs on for dear life to my silveware every time I try to get it out.

I am sure you are wondering why else I am convinced my dishwasher is out to get me. Well, don't worry I will tell you. It conveniently likes to be right where my shin is resulting in sheering pain and bruising.

Seriously dishwasher, all I want is clean, accessible dishes and bruise free legs. Is that too much to ask? I told my husband I think its because we went with the white one instead of the stainless steal. Not as much class in the white one.

Monday, January 25, 2010

blogging help

Okay so all you expert bloggers out there, teach me how to make my title fancier. It is lame-o now. I tried to put a picture up there but it just looked weird and the words were cutting off the hubs' face. oops.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

becoming an adult....

Its official, I think I am really an adult now. 8 years after the government legally declared me an adult I finally became one. Why? I am up before 10am on a Saturday. That has to be a serious sign that I am growing up. OR it could be the ridiculous amount of work I have to do so I can't sleep..... I suppose that might be a sign I am REALLY an adult now. Either way I am up and I left the paperwork I need to do at the office so, its off to the farmers market for me!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Picture Post-South Afria

Carl and I on the beach in South Africa. I wanted to test posting a picture to my blog. I love this one because we were so happy! We had an incredible week this past July volunteering in South Africa at Reading Camp! One of our many adventures.

New to blogging

I read enough blogs that I thought it was time I tried creating my own. We'll see how this goes....!