Monday, August 30, 2010

The Nursery: Crib Install

We've been very blessed to have lots of help in setting up and decorating the nursery. Our friend Blake, an official engineer ;), came over this past week and helped Carl put together the crib.

After taking a few pictures I left. They appreciated this and it saved my sanity (are you sure that goes there? are you reading the directions? get the picture).

and the finished product! Great job Carl and Blake and Thank You Mom and Dad Carter for getting us this beautiful crib!

The crib came in a huge box with lots of styrofoam and we weren't sure what to do with it all when we were done. The guys came up with a unique solution....

If you have limited time I highly recommend the last video...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Nursery: Phase Two

On Tuesday my dad came over and Carl and he added the official nursery color to the walls! Thanks to Pottery Barn, choosing a nursery color was made easy, we decided to go with the one they recommend for the baby's bedding that we picked out. I appreciate that Pottery Barn recommends paint colors as I am terrible at choosing colors and knowing what will match.

You never know what's going to happen when you give my dad a paint brush ;)

He's up to something....

A wall of the nursery completely dedicated to grandpa!

Don't want to leave the dad out of the fun!

As you can see from the pictures, the nursery is yellow! It turned out very pretty and I can't wait to add all the other touches that will bring in green, blues, reds etc.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

20 Weeks!

At 20 weeks I am really feeling the baby move a lot now. I want to start tracking the times of day I feel her to see if I can figure out her schedule. I am pretty sure she likes milkshakes like her mom ;) There was lots of movement after my Tommy's milkshake last night.

Here we are at 20 weeks, from really far away for some reason.

How far along: 20 weeks and 2 days

Net weight gain: 8lbs since start of pregnancy

Maternity clothes: still wearing a mixture but definitely more comfortable/look better in the maternity

Stretch marks: none

Belly button: still an innie

Sleep: need lots of it! have been very tired this week

Food cravings: Tommy's milkshakes (best milkshakes I've ever had)

Food aversions: nothing in particular, just hungry

What I miss: nothing this week, just very eager to meet Baby C

Looking forward to: getting the glider for the nursery so I can sit in there and read to Baby C

Best moment this week: putting the final coat of paint on the nursery and setting up the crib

Milestones: Baby C can taste whatever I eat!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Nursery: Phase One

Nursery construction is underway! It has turned into a multi-phase, multi-day process. The joy of owning an older home, in addition to the fabulous built ins and character, is all the holes, cracks, chipping paint... from years of other peoples' kids ramming into walls and hanging things in random places. Carl wants the nursery to be perfect so he would leave no hole unfilled and no chipped paint unsanded. While I appreciate his desire for the perfect room, I did have a few anxiety attacks about this process turning into a 6 month long hole filling extravaganza and our baby having to live in the midst of construction.

Thankfully, this did not happen and Carl, being the awesome husband he is, worked super hard and filled all the holes etc etc and Sunday we were able to start painting! Let the fun and interesting attire begin!

(I should tell you... when I say "we" painted I mean my parents and Carl painted while I did other things that may or may not have included napping and reading a book on the porch...not my fault though... they forced me to take it easy)
Here's the work crew.
The sleepy looking huaband. Tired from the hours of prep work he's already done in the room.
My dad, painter extroadinaire, fixing up the built in bookcase (remember that character I was talking about?).
Did I mention there was some interesting attire? yep a shower cap made an appearance at the painting party. ...

That's my mom painting the closet. It has become her personal mission to ensure we have nice closets in our house. I appreciate her dedication.

Up next, Phase 2: Painting of the official nursery color!

Monday, August 23, 2010

19 weeks!

We're half way through! Hard to believe....!

Now this may seem a little confusing since I am 19 weeks. Well, I have been doing these posts based on gestational age. So, the baby is 19 weeks and 4 days. Meaning I am in my 20th week of pregnancy. so, baby and I are half way! Get it? maybe?

We've had a very busy and exciting week or so. In addition to the ultrasound and finding out we are having a little girl, I've been feeling the baby move a lot more and we've made lots of progress in the nursery. More on that in another post but the painting should be done tomorrow!!!! I have been feeling the baby wiggle around more and more. Before the ultrasound I wasn't sure the little feelings were the baby but ever since I've really noticed her moving a lot. I think it helps that I saw her move so I was sure it really was her that I was feeling. Now if she could kick a little harder so Carl could feel it. ;)

Now for some pictures!

The giant box in the background is the crib! I can't wait to set it up in the newly painted nursery!

As my friend's mom said the other night I "look pregnant!" :)

How far along: 19 weeks and 4 days

Net weight gain: going to the doctors tomorrow to find out!

Maternity clothes: all maternity clothes in these pictures, heading more and more that way...

Stretch marks: none, phew

Belly button: still an innie

Sleep: lots of vivid dreams waking me up

Food cravings: nothing recently, just hungry and enjoying my mother-in-laws strawberry pie

Food aversions: similar to above, hungry

What I miss: hard cider on the porch after a long day

Looking forward to: putting the last coat of paint on the nursery and setting up the crib!

Best moment this week: seeing our little girl during the ultrasound!

Milestones: baby is as big as a cantaloupe! No wonder I am tired ;)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's a.....


Carl and I had our 20 week ultrasound this past week and were so happy to find out that our little girl is healthy and growing right on schedule!

The whole ultrasound experience was incredile. We could see her wiggling and moving all over. She even hiccuped and sucked her thumb while we were watching. The doctor checked her heart and other organs and told us that everything looks good!

Here is one of her little arms and hands.

We are happy to know that everything is going well and are excited for January!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Baby's first plane ride

Baby C took his first plane ride this weekend! Carl and I love to travel so this will be the first of many plane rides for Baby C. She'll get another opportunity in September when we go to Savannah.
Here we are before take off! We got an exit row seat so we had lots of leg room.
I started to worry that the only pictures we would have from before the baby was born would be of me so I decided to take a picture of Carl too.
He made it clear that he would prefer that all the pictures be of me.
Sorry buddy, we don't want the kids to think you weren't around for these special moments!

Monday, August 16, 2010

18 Weeks!

This weeks belly photos are extra special because they were taken at my grandparent's house in New Jersey. Carl and I spent the weekend there visiting with my grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousin. It was a great weekend!

I think the baby went through a growth spurt this week because my belly is feeling much bigger!

If you look closely you can see my mom's wedding photo over my right shoulder and my aunt's over my left!

How far along: 18 weeks

Net weight gain: 3 lbs since last doctor's apt. Will find out in a week where I am at now.
Maternity clothes: still a mixture thanks to the belly band
Stretch marks: none!
Belly button: still an innie
Sleep: improving with the body pillow but now having vivid dreams!
Food cravings: Rita's! (for those of you not from New Jersey it is flavored ice and custard, yummy)
Food aversions: still staying away from burgers
What I miss: nothing! just excited for whats to come!
Looking forward to: our ultrasound on Thursday!
Best moment this week: seeing my family in New Jersey!
Milestones: The baby is as big as a mango :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

eggplant anyone?

One of Carl's coworkers gave him some eggplant from his garden. It sat in our produce basket for a few days until I got ambitious and tried to cook it. I googled "cooking eggplant" and read directions on a few websites.
I started out soaking the eggplant in salt.

Then I rinsed the eggplant, layed it on a cookie sheet and brushed it with olive oil. I roasted it on 350 for about an hour.

And then it looked like this...

and I didn't like it at all....

Anyone know how to make GOOD eggplant? We have one more and I would like it to taste yummy not kind of salty and gross.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

17 weeks! + a few days

Back by popular demand (2 people) belly photos! I have been terrible about posting these in a timely fashion. Time is just flying by!

Now you'll have to excuse my outfit in these pics. It has been very hot here and none of my shorts fit me. So, when I get home I tend to put on these lovely red umbros. Lovely red umbros that were my brothers.....when he was like 12...... but they are extremely comfy and cool. Hence the ugly valentine's day color combo below....

How far along: 17 weeks and 5 days

Net weight gain: 3 lbs as of last doctor's appointment

Maternity clothes: wearing a combination of maternity and regular

Stretch marks: none!

Belly button: still an innie

Sleep: not the greatest as I've been having a lot of lower back pain

Food cravings: pickles and watermelon (not at the same time)

Food aversions: hamburgers

What I miss: sleeping comfortably

Looking forward to: finding out the gender next week!!!

Best moment this week: getting the nursery prepped for painting!

Milestones: the baby can yawn and hiccup!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

amy's nose and toes

One beautiful Saturday on the beach I let my friend Amy use my camera while I played bocce ball. The following is what resulted......

There may or may not be some pictures of the back of her throat as well..... I guess bocce ball isn't much of a spectator sport.

Monday, August 2, 2010

16 weeks!

Baby C is definitely getting bigger! I've had several people ask me if I was pregnant this week (I think they are pretty gutsy...). I am moving more rapidly into all maternity clothes. Now if only I could find things in my size....

We're counting down the days until we have our ultrasound and get to find out Baby C's gender. Just a few more weeks!

Here is the growing baby belly!

How far along: 16 weeks
Net weight gain: 3 pounds
Maternity clothes: some pants and tops but need to find more (maternity stores don't like petite women)
Stretch marks: none!
Belly button: still an innie
Sleep: some waking up but not every night
Food cravings: baked potato soup!
Food aversions: still hamburgers
What I miss: nothing this week!
Looking forward: starting to decorate the nursery!
Best moment this week: hearing the baby's heart beat again and setting the date for the ultrasound!
Milestones: the baby can hear us now :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

last weekend...oh my!

I have been trying to sit down and do this post since Monday, here it is Sunday, and I am finally finding a few minutes to sit down and write about last weekend! What a week!

Now on to last weekend! It was a fabulous, fun filled weekend! On Friday after work we hit the road to Washington DC so we could see this cute little guy

His wonderful parents, Emily and Drew (Emily has all the groups shots!)

and help Carl's sister and brother-in-law move. I don't have any pictures from the move because I let the boys help out and stayed in the air conditioning with Emily and Asher. It was a smart move on my part since it was 105 on Saturday!!! ;)

Emily and Drew moved to DC earlier this year and we have missed hanging out with them. It was great to spend the weekend with them. Emily and I got to talk all things baby, so much fun! Drew entertained us with his stories and a margarita shower

Emily treated us to fabulous meals and Asher showed us all his new skills. It was a wonderful weekend with great friends. Now if we could just convince them to move back to Cleveland.... It's a lot cooler here and I know a fabulous condo right near us where you could live :)