Thursday, August 12, 2010

eggplant anyone?

One of Carl's coworkers gave him some eggplant from his garden. It sat in our produce basket for a few days until I got ambitious and tried to cook it. I googled "cooking eggplant" and read directions on a few websites.
I started out soaking the eggplant in salt.

Then I rinsed the eggplant, layed it on a cookie sheet and brushed it with olive oil. I roasted it on 350 for about an hour.

And then it looked like this...

and I didn't like it at all....

Anyone know how to make GOOD eggplant? We have one more and I would like it to taste yummy not kind of salty and gross.

1 comment:

  1. I wonder why they had you soak it in salt?? Eggplant is VERY porous and will soak up the flavor of whatever you put on it. I'm not surprised it ended up tasting mostly like salt.

    Do you like eggplant parmesan? I have a good recipe for that, if you want it! I also like sauteing chopped eggplant, zuccini, squash, carrots, onion, tomato (any veggies) with garlic, basil and oregano to make a primavera type dish + pasta. Yummy for summer!