Monday, August 30, 2010

The Nursery: Crib Install

We've been very blessed to have lots of help in setting up and decorating the nursery. Our friend Blake, an official engineer ;), came over this past week and helped Carl put together the crib.

After taking a few pictures I left. They appreciated this and it saved my sanity (are you sure that goes there? are you reading the directions? get the picture).

and the finished product! Great job Carl and Blake and Thank You Mom and Dad Carter for getting us this beautiful crib!

The crib came in a huge box with lots of styrofoam and we weren't sure what to do with it all when we were done. The guys came up with a unique solution....

If you have limited time I highly recommend the last video...


  1. The crib looks great! Good thing Blake was there to help with the construction - and styrofoam destruction. :o)

  2. oh man, my brother for all of posterity;-) I am sure his daughter will enjoy watching this one day!

  3. Um...Mama Carter?? Where are you? We need some weekly updates please! (and photos!) Haha!