Thursday, July 22, 2010

15 weeks!

We've made it to 15 weeks! In just 4ish weeks we will find out the gender! woohooo!

I can definitely tell a big difference in the size from last week to this week. A few people at work have even noticed and started asking. My pants are also definitely not fittng. Thank goodness for the Belly Band! I still only have one pair of maternity pants. Our Targets selection was awful. I am going to have to try a few more new places and hope that someone has some work pants in my size (for less then $90!).

Now for the picture!

How far along: 15 weeks
Net weight gain: I'll find out on Tuesday!
Maternity Clothes: Definitely need to find some more
Stretch marks: not yet!
Belly botton: still an innie
Sleep: wake up every time I switch positions...
Baby movement: can't feel it yet
Food cravings: pickles and baked potato soup (gonna have to get some soon)
Food aversions: burgers
What I miss: hmmm can't think of anything this week!
Looking forward to: DC tomorrow!!!
Best moment this week: Carl came home this weekend and brought Baby Carter a cute underground onesie and hat (from his overnight stay in London)
Milestones: The baby is as big as an orange and is growing ear bones so he/she can hear us!

Monday, July 19, 2010

14 weeks!

I am a little behind on this one because Carl was in Egypt and Thor (the cat) wouldn't cooperate and take a picture for me ;) but here I am at 14 weeks!

How far along: 14 weeks!

Net weight gain: still don't own a scale..... will find out at the doctor's next week!

Maternity Clothes: Starting to wear some, definitely need the Belly Band to wear my pants...having trouble finding cute, reasonably priced clothes that are in my size

Stretch marks: not yet!

Belly Button: just checked. about the same

Sleep: still waking up at random times

Food cravings: pickles! love them!

Food aversions: red meat! especially after watching Food, Inc. today

What I miss: cocktails with the fire pit

Looking forward to: visiting Carl's sister and brother-in-law and Emily and Drew and showing off the baby belly :)

Best moment this week: receiving a hat knit by my friend Erin for Baby Carter! (I think that was in this week! ahh running together)

Milestones: The baby is as big as an orange!

Friday, July 16, 2010

walk like an egyptian

After 2 years of planning and waiting Carl (my husband) has finally gone to Egypt! His company has been working with the Egyptian government for years and about 3 years ago started talking about opening a permanent gift store in Cairo. Well , after many delays and uncertainty the contract has been signed and they are officially opening a store! That means my hubs finally got to go see the pyramids up close and personal!!!

He forgot our camera at home so he had to take this with his iphone. Luckily, he is going back in October so I can pack the real camera in his suitcase.

When he left I instructed him to find a baby gift for Baby Carter, perhaps a onesie that says "My dad went to Egypt and all I got was this lousy onesie!" haha. We'll see if he was able to find anything!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

italian baby

Looks like we are going to have an Italian baby :) My mom and I went shopping on Friday for maternity clothes and while we were out she surprised me with some gifts for Baby Carter!

My mom and dad purchased these adorable baby booties when they were in Italy (before Baby Carter was even conceived :) do you think they are ready to be grandparents?!?!) They will match the nursery bedding we picked out perfectly!

My mom and dad also gave us this cute little onesie for Baby Carter. My mom picked it up at the local market from a women's cooperative called Esperanza Threads. They are a really awesome organization that helps women with barriers to employment with training and jobs. I'm a big fan of them and am really excited to have one of their beautiful onesies for Baby Carter.

Thanks Mom and Dad! or should I start calling you Grammy and Pape' (spelling help mom!).

Saturday, July 10, 2010

13 weeks

Yay second trimester! It is wonderful to have my energy back!

Here I am at 13 weeks! Getting a little bigger and wearing my first maternity shirt! Thanks mom!

We had lots of big events this week. We picked out our crib, glider and stroller! and I went shopping for maternity clothes with my mom! I was not impressed with some of the maternity stores but found some cute things at Gap.

How far along: 13 weeks
Net weight gain: don't own a scale.... might have to invest in one to keep track of this!
Maternity Clothes: just bought my first ones!
stretch marks: none yet! hope it stays that way
Belly Button: same
Sleep: no longer getting up for bathroom
Baby Movement: the baby is moving but I can't feel it yet
Food Cravings: Pizzaz salad! best dressing ever!
Food Aversions: nothing
What I miss: margaritas with mexican
Looking forward to: finding out the gender! (still 6 weeks...)
Best moment this week: so many! picking out the crib and buying maternity clothes are top
Milestones: the baby is now the size of a lemon!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Catching Up

I am a bit behind on my new years resolution. As my cousin, Jeffrey, pointed out, I have failed at posting some important adventures of 2010. So this post will catch everyone up on an important "adventure" from earlier this year.

drum roll please

I saw a Broadway Show for the first time ever! I've seen Broadway plays off Broadway but never actually been to New York City to see one on Broadway. When Carl and I were in New Jersey visiting my family my cousin, Jeffrey, took us into the city to see a show. We had a great dinner at an Italian restaurant near the theater and saw American Idiot. I loved it!!! My cousin is an expert on all things Broadway so he was a great guide. I can't wait to go see another show with him!

and a few pictures from our evening in New York City:

Thanks Jeff for being our Broadway "tour guide"! Can't wait to do it again!

Monday, July 5, 2010

First Baby Gifts!

Baby Carter has already been blessed with a number of wonderful gifts!

When our friends, Emily and Drew, heard the big news they sent us a few of their favorite baby items to congratulate us!

A baby name book to help us pick out a great name for Baby Carter (we've already used this a ton and we still don't know the sex yet!). A toy bar to keep Baby Carter entertained on trips to DC to visit his/her buddy, Asher.
Not pictured: preggie pop drops that I consumed already because they were yummy and very helpful with the nausea!

Thanks Emily and Drew! We can't wait to strap the toy bar to the baby's carseat and bring Baby Carter to play with Asher!

This week Carl's mom surprised us with a few "winter baby" items that she picked up for us.

A bundleme to keep Baby Carter warm in the carseat or stroller and a cute hat to match! Sure to keep Baby Carter toasty through the Cleveland winter :)

Thanks Mom C!

Last but not least! Baby Carter received his/her first books this weekend! Carl and I went over to our friends, Joe and Laura's, for an impromptu July 4th cookout with some of their friends and family. I have been friends with Joe and Laura since high school and Laura was a bridesmaid in Carl and my wedding. Well, Laura's mom, an elementary school librarian, showed up at the cookout with two baby books for us!

Goodnight Moon and The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

Not the greatest picture but I couldn't bring myself to take them out of the cute ribbon just yet.

I might start reading them to Baby Carter right now :)

Thanks Kathy!

We feel so blessed to have so much love and support as we take on becoming parents!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

12 Weeks!

I got the idea for doing a week by week pregnancy update from my friend Emily at Emily and Drew plus Asher. It is so fun to see where she was each week during her pregnancy so I thought I would enjoy having this record. Hopefully you all enjoy hearing about it too!!!!

This week was a big week for us, we got to hear the baby's heartbeat!! To celebrate, Carl and I went out for ice cream and to Babies R Us to open our registry! Registering is fun but overwhelming! Thank goodness for Emily's list of must haves or we would have been at a lost for where to start! We only put a few things on and decided to go home and do a little research. I have a feeling registering is going to be a long (but enjoyable) process! :)

Now for some shots of the baby belly:

Just a small one starting....

How far along: 12 weeks
Net weight gain: -1lb
Maternity clothes: not yet but excited to go shopping for some!
Stretch marks: nope
Belly button: bigger....
Sleep: waking up at least once a night for the bathroom
Baby movement: not yet
Food cravings: ice cream and hot dogs!
Food aversions: random things depending on the day, recently it was carrots
What I miss: sleeping through the night!
Looking forward to: picking out the baby's crib!
Best moment this week: hearing the baby's heartbeat
Milestones: we are at the lowest risk for miscarriage!