Thursday, July 22, 2010

15 weeks!

We've made it to 15 weeks! In just 4ish weeks we will find out the gender! woohooo!

I can definitely tell a big difference in the size from last week to this week. A few people at work have even noticed and started asking. My pants are also definitely not fittng. Thank goodness for the Belly Band! I still only have one pair of maternity pants. Our Targets selection was awful. I am going to have to try a few more new places and hope that someone has some work pants in my size (for less then $90!).

Now for the picture!

How far along: 15 weeks
Net weight gain: I'll find out on Tuesday!
Maternity Clothes: Definitely need to find some more
Stretch marks: not yet!
Belly botton: still an innie
Sleep: wake up every time I switch positions...
Baby movement: can't feel it yet
Food cravings: pickles and baked potato soup (gonna have to get some soon)
Food aversions: burgers
What I miss: hmmm can't think of anything this week!
Looking forward to: DC tomorrow!!!
Best moment this week: Carl came home this weekend and brought Baby Carter a cute underground onesie and hat (from his overnight stay in London)
Milestones: The baby is as big as an orange and is growing ear bones so he/she can hear us!

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