Sunday, July 11, 2010

italian baby

Looks like we are going to have an Italian baby :) My mom and I went shopping on Friday for maternity clothes and while we were out she surprised me with some gifts for Baby Carter!

My mom and dad purchased these adorable baby booties when they were in Italy (before Baby Carter was even conceived :) do you think they are ready to be grandparents?!?!) They will match the nursery bedding we picked out perfectly!

My mom and dad also gave us this cute little onesie for Baby Carter. My mom picked it up at the local market from a women's cooperative called Esperanza Threads. They are a really awesome organization that helps women with barriers to employment with training and jobs. I'm a big fan of them and am really excited to have one of their beautiful onesies for Baby Carter.

Thanks Mom and Dad! or should I start calling you Grammy and Pape' (spelling help mom!).

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