Saturday, July 10, 2010

13 weeks

Yay second trimester! It is wonderful to have my energy back!

Here I am at 13 weeks! Getting a little bigger and wearing my first maternity shirt! Thanks mom!

We had lots of big events this week. We picked out our crib, glider and stroller! and I went shopping for maternity clothes with my mom! I was not impressed with some of the maternity stores but found some cute things at Gap.

How far along: 13 weeks
Net weight gain: don't own a scale.... might have to invest in one to keep track of this!
Maternity Clothes: just bought my first ones!
stretch marks: none yet! hope it stays that way
Belly Button: same
Sleep: no longer getting up for bathroom
Baby Movement: the baby is moving but I can't feel it yet
Food Cravings: Pizzaz salad! best dressing ever!
Food Aversions: nothing
What I miss: margaritas with mexican
Looking forward to: finding out the gender! (still 6 weeks...)
Best moment this week: so many! picking out the crib and buying maternity clothes are top
Milestones: the baby is now the size of a lemon!


  1. Oooh, I see baby C! You look wonderful!

    Maternity clothes are so hit or miss -- one day you'll go in and find tons of stuff. If I can make 1 suggestion (what is this, like #116 from me or something??) get some of those cami they sell in Motherhood. I wore them under all my shirts and feel sooo good and supportive (without being restrictive) once you get bigger!

  2. Congrats on your baby! I'm a blog friend of Emily's... my son, Eli, was born Dec. 11, just a few days before Asher.

    I hope you continue to have a great pregnancy.