Thursday, September 30, 2010

24 weeks!

In an effort to catch up I am doing multiple posts today. On to 24 weeks. Wow this pregnancy is going fast ;)

Carl is convinced that my belly suddenly popped this week. I am pretty sure it's been big for awhile now but I'll take his word for it.

I've discovered Baby C enjoys Vietnamese food and lunches with our friend Laura. I haven't normally felt Baby C much during the day but this week, after a yummy lunch at #1 Pho with Laura, Baby C was kicking up a storm. It marked a turning point. Ever since I have felt Baby C moving around during the day. For a few days I was pretty sure she was throwing a dance party in there her movements were so big.

How far along: 24 weeks
Net weight gain: 10 lbs
Stretch marks: none! here's hoping we can make it all the way without any!
Belly button: nothing new in this area still somewhere in between
Sleep: occasional really vivid dreams, still getting up once a night, the other night enjoyed a granola bar at 2am to silence the hunger. apparently I need more midnight snacks.
Food cravings: donuts from the apple good
Food aversions: nothing :)
What I miss: having more than 4 shirts to choose from....
Best moment this week: feeling Baby C moving during the day!
Milestones:Baby C is starting hear better and can hear loud sounds!

23 Weeks

Eventually I will catch up on these posts.... I hope!

At 23 weeks Baby C and I are doing well and enjoying the cooler weather (the few days of it...). Baby C's movements are getting stronger and more frequent. I enjoy feeling her move around. We have to work on the 4am dance parties though. They tend to keep me up.

In this weeks picture we are celebrating the beginning of Fall!

Yay for pumpkins, apple crisp, and changing leaves. I can't wait to take Baby C apple picking next year!

Now for the stats

How far along: 23 weeks and 3 days

Net weight gain: 9lbs

Stretch Marks: none! yay

Belly button: Still somewhere in between

Sleep: getting up once a night for the restroom and starting to wake up hungry sometimes

Food Cravings: apple crisp and donuts from the apple farm

Food aversions: None! just hungry

What I miss: nothing this week!

Best moment this week: enjoying the first tastes of fall

Milestones: Baby C is start to put on weight and fill out to get ready for her arrival in January

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

22 Weeks

22 weeks is a fabulous place to be! This week Carl, Baby C and I headed off on vacation! I've noticed I can feel Baby C move more lately. She seems to be a night owl and is often up when I get up at night for the restroom.

This weeks belly pictures were taken in Savannah.

Here we are on Tybee Island

Carl and his sympathy pregnancy belly :)

Now for the stats:

How far along: 22 weeks and 4 days!

Net weight gain: no scale in the hotel room so we'll assume we're at 9 still (though with all the ice cream I've been eating..... probably more like 25)

Stretch Marks: none!

Belly button: gradually working its way to less of innie. Now it is somewhere in the in between zone

Sleep: very nice in the king sized bed at the hotel!

Food cravings: well, I eat ice cream at least 2x daily... so we could probably call that a craving. I also could go for another slice of Vinnie van Go Gos pizza (a Savannah specialty)

Food aversions: nothing! been eating a lot! vacation does that....

What I miss: partaking in the no open container law in Savannah. Next time!

Looking forward to: taking Baby C to the beach next year!

Best moment this week: pretty much the whole vacation in Savannah has been great!

Milestones: Baby C and I enjoyed our first taste of fried asparagus! Leave it to the South to take something as healthy as asparagus and fry it :)

21 Weeks

This week was completely crazy! Hence the super late post! Work was insane and Carl and I were getting ready for our postponed anniversary trip. I was really ready to get away and spend some quality time with my husband!

You can probably tell from the photo how tired I was this week from all the work!

How far along: 21 weeks and 5 days (it was a crazy week!)
Net weight gain: 9lbs since start of pregnancy (started weighing myself using Wii fit :))
Stretch Marks: None woohoo
Belly button: still an innie
Sleep: greatly improved since I bought a body pillow. still get up 1x per night
Food cravings: getting excited for yummy southern food
Food aversions: nothing this week
What I miss: a glass of wine after a long day at work
Looking forward to: anniversary trip to Savannah!
Best moment this week: feeling the baby kick is always a great moment!
Milestones: baby is out of the ounces and now weighs a full pound!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

and we're back!

Sorry for the long hiatus in posting! Carl and I just got home from our postponed anniversary trip to Savannah!! The few days leading up to leaving were incredibly busy with work and getting ready to go so I had no time to blog!

I know I owe you some belly updates. The photos were taken I just have to get the blogs together and they will be up! I also have some posts on our trip in the works so there will be lots of posts coming soon!!

For now I'll just tell you that Savannah was beautiful and HOT! and Baby C is doing well and kicking and moving more each day! She really seemed to like the southern food. I guess fried everything you can think of is in her future ;)