Wednesday, September 15, 2010

22 Weeks

22 weeks is a fabulous place to be! This week Carl, Baby C and I headed off on vacation! I've noticed I can feel Baby C move more lately. She seems to be a night owl and is often up when I get up at night for the restroom.

This weeks belly pictures were taken in Savannah.

Here we are on Tybee Island

Carl and his sympathy pregnancy belly :)

Now for the stats:

How far along: 22 weeks and 4 days!

Net weight gain: no scale in the hotel room so we'll assume we're at 9 still (though with all the ice cream I've been eating..... probably more like 25)

Stretch Marks: none!

Belly button: gradually working its way to less of innie. Now it is somewhere in the in between zone

Sleep: very nice in the king sized bed at the hotel!

Food cravings: well, I eat ice cream at least 2x daily... so we could probably call that a craving. I also could go for another slice of Vinnie van Go Gos pizza (a Savannah specialty)

Food aversions: nothing! been eating a lot! vacation does that....

What I miss: partaking in the no open container law in Savannah. Next time!

Looking forward to: taking Baby C to the beach next year!

Best moment this week: pretty much the whole vacation in Savannah has been great!

Milestones: Baby C and I enjoyed our first taste of fried asparagus! Leave it to the South to take something as healthy as asparagus and fry it :)


  1. I appreciate that you all dressed the same for these pics;-)

  2. Wow! Your belly really popped over vacation! Haha - baby must like GA! :o) You look wonderful - hopefully we'll get together in October sometime.