Sunday, February 19, 2012


I think I have this blogger issue figured out. Hoping to finish up Florida and update you on some really fun things Sophia has been up to lately over the next few days!

The pool was a big part of our Florida trip. We spent a lot of time, in between relaxing and reading, playing in the pool. Just like the beach, Sophia was hesitant about the pool at first. By the second day she had warmed up to it and really enjoyed the big pool and the kiddy pool!

I am sure it helped that she was getting passed around by all these super, awesome people who love her.

Being the only kid on a trip with two sets of grandparents has some major perks.

Sophia was very fascinated by the waterfall. Lucky girl has an awesome dad who made sure she got to experience it up close.

Friday, February 10, 2012

blogger issues

sorry for the funky posts. blogger is giving me issues..... deleting photos...not letting me type.... so more on florida to come and hopefully in a more organized fashion

Thursday, February 9, 2012

the beach

Right after Sophia's first birthday we headed south to spend a week in Florida with Carl's family and my parents. Carl's parents invited us all down to stay at a resort that is part of their time share. It as a wonderful week with lots of new experiences for Sophia.
It was amazing to watch her take in the ocean for the first time. She just pointed and stared! I wish I could read her mind. What does one think the first time they see the vast, blue ocean?
She was interested in the sand but not interested enough to actually touch it. She played with her sand toys from the safety of the beach blanket :)
The second time we went to the beach Sophia had warmed up to the sand and was digging, dumping, squeezing......

we're alive!

We've been home from Florida for almost two weeks now :O and I still haven't done a post! I promise at least one post about our fabulous week in sunny Florida is coming! We've been really busy around here... I started a new job the day after we got back...I'm heading up the search and hiring process for my old position... Sophia's naps/sleep is in a funky just the usual day to day stuff that needs to get done. Plus I was inspired by Emily to clean out our house and donate all the stuff cluttering our closets...
What I would really like to be doing is walking along the beach with my two favorite people.