Sunday, February 19, 2012


I think I have this blogger issue figured out. Hoping to finish up Florida and update you on some really fun things Sophia has been up to lately over the next few days!

The pool was a big part of our Florida trip. We spent a lot of time, in between relaxing and reading, playing in the pool. Just like the beach, Sophia was hesitant about the pool at first. By the second day she had warmed up to it and really enjoyed the big pool and the kiddy pool!

I am sure it helped that she was getting passed around by all these super, awesome people who love her.

Being the only kid on a trip with two sets of grandparents has some major perks.

Sophia was very fascinated by the waterfall. Lucky girl has an awesome dad who made sure she got to experience it up close.


  1. 4 adults:1 baby really is the ideal ratio. The pool looks so nice - can't wait to take Asher in a few weeks!

  2. Is this blog officially abandoned? We miss you here! Ha! :-)