Friday, July 16, 2010

walk like an egyptian

After 2 years of planning and waiting Carl (my husband) has finally gone to Egypt! His company has been working with the Egyptian government for years and about 3 years ago started talking about opening a permanent gift store in Cairo. Well , after many delays and uncertainty the contract has been signed and they are officially opening a store! That means my hubs finally got to go see the pyramids up close and personal!!!

He forgot our camera at home so he had to take this with his iphone. Luckily, he is going back in October so I can pack the real camera in his suitcase.

When he left I instructed him to find a baby gift for Baby Carter, perhaps a onesie that says "My dad went to Egypt and all I got was this lousy onesie!" haha. We'll see if he was able to find anything!!

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