Sunday, August 1, 2010

last weekend...oh my!

I have been trying to sit down and do this post since Monday, here it is Sunday, and I am finally finding a few minutes to sit down and write about last weekend! What a week!

Now on to last weekend! It was a fabulous, fun filled weekend! On Friday after work we hit the road to Washington DC so we could see this cute little guy

His wonderful parents, Emily and Drew (Emily has all the groups shots!)

and help Carl's sister and brother-in-law move. I don't have any pictures from the move because I let the boys help out and stayed in the air conditioning with Emily and Asher. It was a smart move on my part since it was 105 on Saturday!!! ;)

Emily and Drew moved to DC earlier this year and we have missed hanging out with them. It was great to spend the weekend with them. Emily and I got to talk all things baby, so much fun! Drew entertained us with his stories and a margarita shower

Emily treated us to fabulous meals and Asher showed us all his new skills. It was a wonderful weekend with great friends. Now if we could just convince them to move back to Cleveland.... It's a lot cooler here and I know a fabulous condo right near us where you could live :)

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  1. Oh my, the margarita bath....

    We loved seeing you guys too! :o)