Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Nursery: Phase One

Nursery construction is underway! It has turned into a multi-phase, multi-day process. The joy of owning an older home, in addition to the fabulous built ins and character, is all the holes, cracks, chipping paint... from years of other peoples' kids ramming into walls and hanging things in random places. Carl wants the nursery to be perfect so he would leave no hole unfilled and no chipped paint unsanded. While I appreciate his desire for the perfect room, I did have a few anxiety attacks about this process turning into a 6 month long hole filling extravaganza and our baby having to live in the midst of construction.

Thankfully, this did not happen and Carl, being the awesome husband he is, worked super hard and filled all the holes etc etc and Sunday we were able to start painting! Let the fun and interesting attire begin!

(I should tell you... when I say "we" painted I mean my parents and Carl painted while I did other things that may or may not have included napping and reading a book on the porch...not my fault though... they forced me to take it easy)
Here's the work crew.
The sleepy looking huaband. Tired from the hours of prep work he's already done in the room.
My dad, painter extroadinaire, fixing up the built in bookcase (remember that character I was talking about?).
Did I mention there was some interesting attire? yep a shower cap made an appearance at the painting party. ...

That's my mom painting the closet. It has become her personal mission to ensure we have nice closets in our house. I appreciate her dedication.

Up next, Phase 2: Painting of the official nursery color!

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  1. Haha...your Mom cracks me up. Love the shower cap! :o)