Tuesday, January 26, 2010

my dishwasher is out to get me

That's right, I am convinced my dishwasher is out to get me. One, it has these "fabulous" little silverware dividers that are conveniently about half a millimeter too small for my silverware. This results in me yelling at the dishwasher while it hangs on for dear life to my silveware every time I try to get it out.

I am sure you are wondering why else I am convinced my dishwasher is out to get me. Well, don't worry I will tell you. It conveniently likes to be right where my shin is resulting in sheering pain and bruising.

Seriously dishwasher, all I want is clean, accessible dishes and bruise free legs. Is that too much to ask? I told my husband I think its because we went with the white one instead of the stainless steal. Not as much class in the white one.

1 comment:

  1. We have white appliances, too. We like to think that stainless will one day look "dated" and when we go to sell our house, potential buyers will say, "Oh thank goodness they didn't get stainless!"

    As for the size of the silverware, I'm clueless. Our silverware (purchased new in 2008) doesn't fit in the dividers (dishwasher also purchased new in 2008). Can't the silverware people and the dishwasher people get together and work this out??