Thursday, April 21, 2011

3 months!

My newborn is now officially an infant! I love all the new things she can do now that she is a baby and not a newborn but I miss my teeny tiny newborn too!

3 months has also marked the end of my maternity leave :( and less napping in the baby carrier for Sophia. Big changes for our little one. We've noticed more crying the last few days and can only imagine it is because of all these changes. Hopefully, we all adapt quickly so our little one can get back to her happy, snugly self.

On a happier note, Sophia is quite the chatterbox! She greets us each morning with lots of coos and babbles and is always chatting and babbling throughout the day! It is the sweetest sound. Sophia has learned so many new things over the last month it has been incredible to watch! She has mastered playing with rattles and her bouncy chair, rolled over a few times... the list goes on! I feel so blessed to be her mom and watch her learn and grow!

As you may have noticed we went with a dinosaur theme this month. Sophia's daddy set up the shots. Thanks for the awesome dinosaur onesie Emily, Drew and Asher and for the cute dinosaur blanket Emily P.

At 3 months Sophia:

  • Wears size 0-3 month clothes and some 3-6 month

  • Weighs about 12lbs 11oz

  • Sleeps anywhere from 10-12 hours a night only waking up 1x if at all

  • Takes 3-4 naps a day starting this week in her crib

  • is swaddled when she sleeps in her crib

  • loves her playmat and bouncy seat

  • has mastered grabbing on to toys and hitting the toys on her bouncy seat to make the music go

  • has rolled over from front to back 5 times and once from back to front

  • loves silly faces and noises

  • loves when you tickle her face with a soft toy

  • loves splashing in her bath tub and grabbing her duck toy between her feet

  • can prop herself up on her elbows (with assistance) and hold her head 90 degrees when on her tummy

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