Monday, October 10, 2011

apple picking

I am playing a little bit of catch up this week since we've been so busy over the last few weeks. We actually took Sophia apple picking a few weeks ago. We had a great day and got some sweet pictures of our little lady that I had to share.
The farm we go to always has great pumpkins so we spent some time checking out the giant orange things. Sophia was very interested in climbing on them.
Sophia also helped pick out some apples. She was surprisingly not interested in the apple trees. Normally Sophia gets very excited about trees and wants to eat the leaves. She was having a bit of a serious day though. Well, until the wagon ride, more on that in another post.
We did manage to get some smiles out of her :) It was a lovely Fall afternoon and we came home with apples, pumpkins, and maple donuts. Yum! I love Fall foods!


  1. What fun! Sophia goes so well with a pumpkin patch!

  2. We need more blog posts...