Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Eve- Part 2

After her nap Sophia got all dressed up and ready for Christmas Eve services (she was wearing shoes....she preferred bare feet. ha). Sophia wore my Christmas dress from when I was just a little older than her.

We went to the live pageant service at our church. Sophia loved being in church. She hasn't been to a service since she was just a few months old, as she is far to noisy for a normal church service. The pageant service was the perfect one to take her to. There were lots of kids and even live animals so no one minded that Sophia was a chatterbox. She enjoyed pointing out everything to mom and dad. "Look mom lights!" "look a donkey!" "look windows!" "look people!" or at least this is what I imagine she was saying.

After the service we headed to Nana and Pappy's for dinner.

Pointing to the Christmas tree. Making sure everyone sees it.

Pappy Clark showing Ms. S a few special ornaments on the tree.

Sophia enjoyed every minute of Christmas Eve despite her cold. I am pretty sure her favorite part was throwing her sippy cup on the floor and watching Pappy pick it up all through dinner. After an early dinner we rushed home to get Ms. S in bed so Santa could come! (with hopes that the cold would be gone by morning)

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