Tuesday, October 5, 2010

the beginnings of a C.D. stash...

and no I am not referring to music CDs but rather CLOTH DIAPERS! Woohoo. okay so for real, I get a little excited about cloth diapers. Not sure what that says about me... ;)

This week our first cloth diapers arrived in the mail. For those of you who are thinking cloth diapers? People still use those? These aren't your grandmother's cloth diapers. Cloth diaper technology (that's right, I said technology) has really advanced over the years. They've become simpler to use, more absorbant, and I think, pretty darn cute. They've also retained all the benefits-better for the environment, better for baby's health and better for your wallet.

The one challenge of cloth diapers these days is there are so many choices! After lots of research and pondering the benefits of different types, I finally pulled the trigger and ordered some.

drum roll please...

ta dah! Cloth Diapers! So, what is in our collection: We have 4 bumgenious pocket diapers, 12 prefolds (basically your traditional cloth diaper just without the pins), 3 thirsties diaper covers, and 12 thirsties reusable wipes. That's right reusable wipes! Save $40-$50 a month and avoid all the chemicals and waste of disposable. Sounds like a deal to me! ;)

Our collection isn't complete, we still need reusable diaper pale liners, some all-in-ones, more wipes, and I am debating whether to get more covers and more prefolds. Oh so many decisions :)


  1. Can you bring some along when you come to visit? I want to see them up close - those covers look so cute! Yay for an adorable little miss to wrap in CDs!