Saturday, October 9, 2010

25 weeks

Clearly, being behind is just the way it's going to be with my weekly posts.

25 weeks was a bit iffy around here. I've been feeling pretty great most of the second trimester and was prepared to write about how easy things were going until about Sunday when I started having lots of pain. I called the doctor on Sunday evening just to make sure everything was okay. She didn't seem concerned and suggested a warm bath and laying on my side. Both helped and I figured Baby C was going through a growth spurt. Well, things didn't get any better and by Tuesday I decided it was time to get checked for a UTI. Yep, I was right.... just call me Dr. Carter.

A dose of antibiotics later and we are doing much better. :)

On a happier note we have been enjoying fall around here. Last Sunday (before the pain and doctor's visit) we spent the afternoon at a family farm called New Creations Farm. We buy our eggs and pork from them and went to their open house to see where our meat was coming from. It was a great afternoon with great food and company! I love knowing that our meat is grown without antibiotics and growth hormones and not in 'factories'. If you've seen Food, Inc. you'll know what I mean. As an added bonus the family is pretty awesome. They've adopted 6 children and run a children's ministry for kids who've been in foster care.

I can't wait to take Baby C out to the farm. It makes me pretty happy that we can expose her to awesome things like sustainable, humane farming.

On to the belly shot. As the doctor said "she's growing like a weed"

How far along: 25 weeks and 3 days

Net weight gain: 11 lbs

Stretch marks: none that I can find, phew

Belly button: more and more of an outie each week but still not fully popped

Sleep: still waking up at lease 1x a night and having trouble going back to sleep.... also, pretty sure it's time we invested in a king size bed as I kick Carl a lot....

Food cravings: chik-fil-a chicken sandwiches mmmm

Food aversions: nothing :)

What I miss: sleeping through the night!

Looking forward to: more baby prep :) our stroller should be in soon and I ordered some Baby Legs I found a deal on (they are legwarmers for babies :) very cute)

Best moment this week: hearing the baby's heart beat and finding out that she was doing well at my unexpected doctor's visit

Milestones: Baby C opens her eyes this week! She'll turn her head if we shine a bright light on my belly

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  1. Boo for feeling yucky - glad you're doing better now!

    What stroller did you end up choosing? I LOVE baby legs!! Can't wait to see them either! I think having a friend with a baby is just as much fun (and less work) than having my own. Win - win! :o)