Tuesday, March 1, 2011

6 weeks!

Sophia is 6 weeks old today!

She has grown so much in size and personality! She is smiling a lot and telling her mom and dad stories with lots of baby babbles. She still sleeps about every hour and eats 8 times a day. She has started to have some regular awake periods first thing in the morning and then for brief times after most meals during the day.

Sophia has been very fussy about car rides over the last week so she hasn't been too many places. She did go to Nana and Pappy's on Sunday for lunch and to church to help with the Reading Camp book fair (she did great! already volunteering at the tender age of 6 weeks! mommy and daddy are proud).

At 6 weeks Sophia:
  • Wears size 0-3 month clothes
  • weighs over 10lbs (according to the Wii)
  • Smiles and babbles
  • doesn't like tummy time anymore!
  • still hates bathtime and diaper changes most of the time
  • loves her bouncy seat and changing table
  • naps in the baby carrier during the day
  • sleeps swaddled in her crib at night
  • is starting to sleep for longer stretches at night (4-5 hours!) but not yet consistently

Sophia, your mommy and daddy love you and we are enjoying watching you grow!

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  1. Sophia you are TOO cute! I love all of these photos with your eyes open now. Happy 6 weeks little lady. Tell you mom and dad that things will start changing (for the better!) even faster now. Better sleeping, less cranky.

    Who knows - maybe you'll even like the car! :o)