Tuesday, March 8, 2011

7 weeks!

Sophia is seven weeks old! Unfortunately she was having a rough day on her seven week birthday and we didn't get any happy photos. Even wearing her super cute jacket and booties from Italy couldn't convince her to smile for the photo! Some days we just get up on the wrong side of the crib!

So here is a cute picture of Sophia when she is 6weeks and 6 days old.

and 7 weeks and 1 day old.

Sophia isn't smiling in these photos but trust me she is much happier.

Sophia had more big firsts during her seventh week. She went to a restaurant for the first time! Her mom took her out for lunch with the ladies more pictures and a post to come!

She also went to church on Sunday for the first time! She was at church once before for a Reading Camp meeting but this Sunday was her first time attending the worship service. It was a very special day. Sophia met lots of mommy and daddy's friends. She also met the Priest who married her mom and dad and the Bishop of El Salvador was visiting and he gave Sophia a blessing during communion! What a big day for our little girl!

At Seven Weeks Sophia is:
  • wearing size 0-3 months clothes
  • weighs around 11 lbs according to the Wii!
  • focuses on faces
  • smiles and coos
  • eats 8x a day
  • sleeps swaddled in her crib at night
  • sleeps in the baby carrier and occasionally the carseat during the day
  • is hating the car less this week but still not always her favorite place
  • loves her bouncy seat and lamb chair

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