Wednesday, May 25, 2011

it's in the details

You probably thought the Baptism posts were behind us. If so, you thought wrong. I've been wanting to do one final post about three special details of the day but have been waiting for a few pictures I needed. So, here it is, the final baptism post about some special details from the day.

First, a little about Sophia's Godparents, Sophia's Godmother is Kristen Law, Carl's sister, and her Godfather is David Distelhorst, Karen's oldest brother. Carl and I thought long and hard about who we wanted to be Sophia's Godparents. It was very important to us that they be people of faith who could share with Sophia about their faith journey and support her on hers. Kristen and David have had different experiences, struggles, and joys on their faith journey. They are two very special people to her mom and dad and we are glad they are willing to support Sophia and share with her about their journey.
The priest who baptised Sophia is a very important to her parents. Alan Gates has supported Carl and I during many of our joyous times and many of our more challenging times. He led us through premarital counseling and performed our wedding ceremony. He has provided counsel to us when we were challenged by difficult jobs. He has supported us as we took on directing Reading Camp through the church. He has been a great support to us and is someone we truly admire and respect, we were delighted that he baptised our daughter!

I couldn't finish the baptism posts without sharing the story of Sophia's dress. Not only was Sophia's dress beautiful on her it has a very special story behind it. The dress was hand made by her Great-Grandmother's Step-Aunt who was very special to her Great-Grandma. It was first worn by Sophia's Nana for her baptism. The dress and hat Sophia wore were also worn by her mom for her baptism. The socks and shoes were brand new, just for Sophia. I love that now three generations have worn this beautiful, handmade dress! I hope it survives for future generations!

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