Monday, May 9, 2011

Our exciting weekend

This past weekend was a really big one here. There were lots of firsts for Sophia. It all started on Saturday afternoon when Sophia met some very special people in her mommy's life.

Sophia's Great-Grandma came all the way from New Jersey to meet Sophia. Sophia is blessed to have two great-grandparents. Her mommy's Grandma and Grandpa-Nana's mom and dad. They are 89 and 90 respectively. Unfortunately, Great-Grandpa couldn't make the trip but hopefully we will see him sometime this summer!

Great-Grandma was so excited to meet Sophia that we couldn't get her to take her eyes off of her for a picture.

Saturday evening, Sophia met her Great-Aunt Annalynn and Cousin Jenny, Mommy's Aunt and Cousin. They rushed over as soon as they arrived in Cleveland. They were so excited to meet Sophia!

Cousins! Sorry have to brag a little... Isn't our cousin beautiful! Love her!

Sophia's Great-Uncle John was there too but he had to be the photographer since he got to meet Sophia in March.

Thank you for making the trip out from New Jersey to spend this special weekend with us! We love you!

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