Monday, July 11, 2011

summer fun at the pool

For Mother's Day Carl got me a pass to our neighborhood pool so Sophia and I can enjoy the sun, swim, and meet some other moms and babies! Lucky for us the pool is an easy walk and has a really nice toddler/baby pool area that is open from 10-12.

Sophia and have been to the pool twice now. I know it's mid-July and that doesn't seem like a lot but it took me awhile to pick pool days that didn't coincide with thunderstorms.

Here's my cutie all ready to head to the pool!

Our first trip was less than succesful, Sophia's diaper leaked EVERYWHERE and Sophia was not a happy camper. This girl rarely fusses unless she skips a nap so I was a little worried she hated the pool. We tried again a few days later with a better diaper. Sophia was hesitant at first but warmed up after mom showed her how much fun it could be! After some splashing and jumping (safely in mom's arms of course) Sophia was all smiles!

We took breaks in the shade of the stroller to protect our beautiful baby skin.

We even made some mom and baby friends! Sophia and I have been running into this sweet mom and her 2 kids at the playground and pool so we finally introduced ourselves and found out we live 5 houses away from each other!

Sophia and I are ready for more days at the pool! Once we can kick the colds that hit our house this weekend :( Next trip we have to take daddy along so he can get cute pictures of Sophia in the pool. I haven't figured out baby in one hand, camera in the other, in the pool......

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  1. How fun! Diaper leaks = uh oh. Glad you both survived to swim another day! Asher really hated the pool the first few times we went too, but now he loves it. Next time we come to OH, let's go swimming!