Friday, July 29, 2011


Do we have a future Cavelier in our house?

Two UVA alums? Maybe?

We'll see! There's another great Virginia school in the running for this little lady's alma mater, The College of William and Mary, her mom's alma mater. Will she be educated at the school Thomas Jefferson founded or the school where he was educated?? or far more likely, a nice Ohio school where mommy and daddy can afford the tuition ;) Wherever she decides to go her mommy and daddy will be proud of her!

(just writing about her going to college is making me tear up....oh dear...)


  1. I recognize that shirt! Yay for it fitting! Drew and I say the same thing about Bucknell - he can wear the shirts, but our wallets say state school. :-)

  2. Go Hoos Go!! You could always move to Virginia so that both schools would be in-state tuition for you...I'm just saying it's an option...:-)