Wednesday, August 3, 2011

sippy cup

I introduced Sophia to the Sippy Cup the other day. Sophia occasionally still has a rough day with the bottle since I nurse her when I am home (which is 6 days of the week). I am hoping the sippy cup will be an alternative for my mom to use if she's having a rough time getting Sophia to take the bottle. Plus, with all the solid food she is starting to eat I wanted to make sure the little lady didn't get thirsty.

Sophia has mastered the suck and squirt. No, not suck and swallow, suck and squirt. I thought we had a very leaky sippy cup until I watched closer and realized Sophia was gumming the cup and squirting the water out the sides of her mouth. Too funny.

The cup was a winner the water was not! Mommy's secretly happy, this means she's still my teeny weeny baby ;)

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