Friday, August 19, 2011

7 months!

I feel like I just wrote Sophia's 6 month post! I swear these months are going faster and faster and despite the fact that I keep telling Sophia she doesn't need to get any bigger she keeps growing! Pretty sure I am in denial that she is 7 months because I continue to tell anyone that asks that she is 6 months. oops. I will accept it soon enough.

It is getting harder to take pictures with giraffe. We are either trying to eat the giraffe or throwing him on the floor.

We are darn adorable while doing it though.

I love her smile. I never ever tire of seeing this beautiful smile.

7 months has brought on wonderful things and challenging things. Sophia is as happy as ever. Seriously not bragging when I say she must be one of the happiest babies (okay maybe just a little). Wherever we go people comment on how happy she is and what a great smile she has

While she is a happy baby a lot of the time 7 months has brought on object permanence. A wonderful and important milestone and also a very challenging one. Sophia now knows that her super fun parents are still around when we are not in sight. Meaning, crying at bedtime has returned (insert one very sad momma). Sophia has been going down for the night without crying since 4 .5 month. This week she has cried a few nights and when I go in to make sure everything is okay she smiles and starts making silly faces. Nice try cute one, it's still bedtime. Lets hope this passes fast!

At 7 months Sophia:

  • is wearing size 6-9 months clothes

  • is 25" long (not sure of her weight yet)

  • nurses 4 times a day and eats two solid meals a day

  • does not like pureed bananas or applesauce but likes everything else we've tried (prunes, green beans, carrots, pears, peas, etc etc)

  • is rocking back and forth on her knees and is so determined to crawl

  • loves stacking cups, her music table, and tags

  • smiles and laughs a lot

  • likes to give "kisses" (more like eat your face)

  • is very very loved!

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  1. Happy 7 months Sophia!

    I can't believe you are 7 months old already...your Mommy is right - slow down the growth little girl! Uncle Drew still hasn't met you and insists you still be a baby when we finally get you 2 together. Ok? Ok. Great. :-)