Thursday, August 4, 2011

going for a ride

If the sippy cup wasn't enough to make this momma feel like her little lady is growing too fast the grocery cart sure did. Since Sophia was about 3 months she has ridden in the beco carrier whenever we go shopping. The carseat became too heavy for me to carry with her in it and she liked being up and able to look around while we shopped. This past week, on one of our almost daily Target runs (thank goodness it is 2 minutes from our house) I decided to try out sitting in the grocery cart.

Sophia did really well for the first part of the trip and seemed to really love sitting up. I think the comfy grocery cart cover helped :)

By the end we were getting pretty tired and slumping over a lot... we'll still use the beco for long grocery trips but pretty soon I imagine we'll be in the cart full time. Makes this mom sad but proud!


  1. So big! Go Sophia!! :-) By the way, I love your grocery cart cover - it's adorable!

  2. I love the grocery cart cover too!