Monday, September 26, 2011

8 months!

Sophia is 8 months old! My baby girl is getting bigger and bigger every day!
This was a big month for Sophia. She is now officially mobile! She is crawling everywhere!! Once Sophia makes her mind up about something she is determined to do it! Crawling took about two weeks for her to figure out. She went from pulling up on her feet, to figuring out that she needed to bend her knees, to a crawl scoot thing to full out hands and knees belly off the floor crawl in 2 weeks. Now we can't keep up with her!
Sophia is at such a fun stage now. She is taking less naps so we are able to go lots of places and she is interested in exploring and seeing new things. We've taken advantage of this and gone to the county fair, a baptism party, the Garlic Festival, and the zoo! Sophia loved all of it!
At 8 months Sophia:
  • is wearing size 6-9 month clothes
  • nurses 4x a day and eats 3 solid meals a day
  • sleeps from 7pm-7am and naps at 8:30 and 12:30 for about an hour or 2 each time
  • loves yogurt, oatmeal, and fruit and is good about eating veggies and meats
  • can feed herself cheerios and crumbles of meat
  • says dada, ahda
  • loves to shriek
  • smiles and laughs a lot
  • loves Thor our cat
  • loves to read books

I could go on. and on ;)

Sophia you are bright, curious, and full of smiles and laughter. You bring so much joy to each of our days. We love rediscovering the world through your eyes. Your mommy and daddy love you sweet girl!

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