Monday, September 5, 2011

county fair

I apologise for the blogging hiatus. Blogger and I were not getting along. Plus, we've been up to lots of fun stuff! First I have to share some of the fun from Labor Day weekend!

Our holiday weekend was packed with fun, projects, and crazy weather! We started the weekend out with a trip to the local farmers market and the county fair!
The last time Sophia was at the Geauga County Fair she was just a little thing in mom's belly. This year she was able to check out the cows for herself!
Needless to say she was far more interested in dad's sunglasses then the animals that go moo moo.
Even the sheep that was baaing right by her face didn't phase Ms. S. Perhaps it was the 95 degree weather...
One thing Ms. Sophia did love at the fair was the ribbons! She loved the award ribbons hanging above the animals. She also loved hanging out with her Aunt Kristen!
Despite the hot weather we had a great time at the fair visiting the animals and spending time with family!

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  1. Sophia is looking so big! Can't wait to hug her this weekend!!