Monday, November 21, 2011

10 months!

What a busy month we have had! Sophia is growing fast and learning new things every day!

Sophia's favorite activity these days is chasing the cat! She is working on saying kitty. Whenever she sees Thor she makes a k sound and chases after him. He is getting better at letting her pet him briefly, as long as she contains her shrieks of excitment.

Sophia is understanding more and more of what we say. She understands no, even if it's hard to listen to. Her babbles have started to resemble speech patterns and it's clear she is telling us something we just don't understand it yet.

My favorite time of the day is getting Sophia up from her nap. She is always so excited to see us when we come in!

At 10 months Sophia:

  • wears size 6-9 months and some 12 months

  • weighs 18lbs 4 oz (lost a little weight because of a stomach virus :()

  • eats 3 solid meals a day and nurses 4x a day

  • takes 2 naps a day, sometimes we play a lot before we sleep!

  • loves finger foods especially peas! she's transitioning to more and more "table food" and only eats a small amount of puree a day

  • says dada, mama, nana, yea yea, kkkk (for kitty)- so far the only one that means anything is the kkkk sound

  • crawls, pulls up to standing, and cruises

  • loves books

  • still hates being put in her pajamas

  • has the sweetest laugh and smile

Sophia, you are just a joy! You are so bright, curious and on the go! You love playing, hugging your mama, and exploring new places and things. Your mommy and daddy love you and love watching you grow!

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