Sunday, November 27, 2011


I thought I would follow the posts about the day of food with a post about vomit. You're welcome.

A few weeks ago Sophia came down with a yucky stomach bug. I was at a conference when I got a call from my mom. Sophia had vomited all over her! Poor Sophia.... Poor Nana...

So I rushed home and in my worried, new mom state decided Sophia must be thirsty and nursed her. Well, can you guess what happened roughly 30 minutes later? Yep, she vomited all over me. Duh. I learned my lesson. We canceled our plans to visit Carl's sister and called the pediatrician. Pedialyte was purchased and we got ready for a long weekend.

Needless to say Sophia was not a fan of Pedialyte. It's basically a really gross, kid version of gatorade. The Pedialyte Popsicles went over a little better but we could still only get about an ounce or two in her :/

All in all though, Sophia was a great sick baby. She slept really well (16 hours on Sunday) and was her usual happy self accept while vomiting. Her parents on the other hand... well we both got it a few days later and were really crabby!

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  1. Ugh. Sick babies = awful! We have been SO lucky so far - knock on wood - Asher hasn't had a stomach bug yet. All of his vomiting episodes have been purely because he stuffed his mouth too full and gagged. Lovely, no? :-)

    Glad you all are better!!