Friday, November 26, 2010

32 Weeks!

It's 5am the day after Thanksgiving and I am posting about our 32 week because Baby C and I have decided to make our way through all the pregnancy symptoms in the book over the past few weeks, including insomnia. Instead of laying in bed unable to sleep thinking about how I really need to update the blog, here I am!

Our long hiatus was due to a. photographer (husband) being in Egypt and b. return of photographer minus camera which decided to hang out at the pyramids for a few more weeks (thankfully someone kindly turned it in and my husband's boss brought it back to us last week). and reason c. we hit the third trimester and have been on a whirlwind of baby/holiday...activities.

The second trimester, like the book says, was very smooth for me. I had a fairly normal, pre-pregnancy amount of energy, and we had limited baby-related things to do. The last few weeks have been quite different though!
First, we started our childbirth classes the day after Carl's return from Egypt! So our nights were filled for 2 weeks with 3 hour classes on birth and infant care. We still have our hospital tour and breastfeeding class to go. So far, the classes have been very good. I reallly liked our childbirth teacher. She filled us in on all the stages of labor, comfort options (natural and medicated), and was good at answering everyone's questions. I feel much more prepared for labor and delivery now, though I am still waiting for someone to reveal the secret 3rd option for how Baby C can make her entrance into the world. Anyone? Anyone?

Another big change over the last few weeks has been in Baby C's movements! She went from rolling around in there and giving me gentle kicks and nudges to some serious poking and proding. Her favorite move as of late is to stick a foot into my right side. You can actually feel a little foot sticking out when she does it. I have to give it a gentle rub to coax it back in there because, while cute, it is not very comfortable. They say by 32 weeks you have maxed out on amniotic fluid so the baby's movements become less gentle because there isn't as much to cushion them. It is very true! Her movements are so strong these days that if you are sitting near me and looking at my belly you can see her move. My friend Cara was in town from Texas and was sitting next to me at Bible Study when she said "did your stomach just move?! was that the baby?" Yep sure was :)

The last big change since we hit third trimester has been in pregnancy symptoms. Other than some nauseau in the first trimester and smell sensitivity I've had a fairly symptom free pregnancy, unless you count craving pickles as a symptom, I just consider that good taste. The third trimester has been very different. As I mentioned at the start of this, we are really making our way through the symptoms now.....leg cramps, backache, insomnia.....oh my! Thankfully, while annoying, they are all normal and the doctor says we are right on track and sailing through with a healthy baby girl.
Now for the pictures and stats!

How far along: 32 weeks and 4 days in the pictures
Net weight gain: 20 lbs
Stretch marks: unless I can't see them because of how HUGE my belly is :) none
Belly button: still bouncing between innie and outie but mostly and outie now
Sleep: haha what's that? wake up 2x a night to use the restroom, sometimes up (writing blog entries) for long stretches in the wee hours of the morning, and hips are really starting to dislike all this side lying
Food cravings: Baby C must be squishing my stomach because I haven't been as hungry lately, though last night I did get a craving for some orange sherbet
Food aversions: nothing
What I miss: pain free sleep
Looking forward to: packing our hospital bags so we're ready just in case Baby C decides to make an early entrance
Best moment this week: finding an Olivia board book for Baby C-I love the Olivia books and have been reading them to her, now our collection includes: Olivia, Olivia Saves the Circus (in board book so Baby C can grab at it, suck on it... to her hearts content), and Olivia Helps with Christmas
Milestones: Baby C has developed her own immune system and is collecting antibodies from me so she is ready for life outside the womb!


  1. Yay for the new post!!! Sorry to hear that you have been having a hard time sleeping...should of went to Black Friday sales :)

  2. yay for a new update! I enjoy seeing the progress Karen and I hope the insomnia passes!

  3. You are too cute. I can't wait to rub that adorable belly and feel some kicks this weekend!!

    Boo for not being able to sleep. I remember those days. One day Drew came downstairs at 4am to find me unloading the dishwasher. :o)