Saturday, November 6, 2010

the stroller

has arrived! Yay! Why so much excitement about a stroller? Well, this stroller involved lots of investigating, reading, testing and then when we ordered it was on back order so we've been waiting over a month to get it. Not to mention it's one more thing bringing us closer to being ready for Baby C's arrival!

I am pretty pumped about our stroller! We decided to go with the Baby Jogger City Mini in green. Our big priorities in a stroller were: light, compatible with our carseat, and easy to fold. City mini won! It has an awesome one hand fold that I am happy to show off to any interested parties. Here's what it looks like:

The color was a big debate as the orange was pretty cool, more hard core outdoorsy ;), and the green is simply pretty. So, what image did we want to set... hmmm big decisions. In the end the green came in first so we went with that.

Can't wait to actually use it!


  1. Yeah for new green stroller! It looks great, i can't wait to go for long walks with Baby C and you :)

  2. Great choice! That was the other one Drew and I were considering. It will be perfect for walks around town!