Wednesday, February 9, 2011

3 weeks!

Sophia is three weeks old!

Sophia was a little sleepy during this week's photo shoot

Sophia is changing every day and keeping her dad and I on our toes. Just when we think we've figured out her routine she throws a curve ball at us. For example, we used to always know when Sophia needed a diaper change. She would cry, grunt, and then there would be a very loud sound followed by a smiling Sophia. Just the other day she was fussing and we couldn't calm her so we decided to check her diaper. She had landed a silent one on us! Now we know, check the diaper, even if you haven't heard a poo explosion.
In her third week Sophia took her first trip on the highway to go to dinner at her Aunt Laura and Uncle Mark's house in celebration of her Nana's birthday. She also got to visit her dad at his office. All of his co-workers were very excited to meet Sophia. While dad's co-workers admired Sophia sleeping in her car seat mom and dad enjoyed lunch together.
At 3 weeks Sophia:
  • wears size newborn clothes and some size 0-3months

  • has a very expressive face and smiles often in her sleep and while she is nursing

  • loves to sleep in the beco

  • loves her car seat

  • enjoys tummy time and is lifting her head higher than last week

  • is liking baths a little more but still not her favorite activity

  • hates having her diaper and clothes changed most of the time

  • eats every 3 hours during the day until about 5 when she eats every 1 1/2 and then sleeps for 5 hours (roughly, Sophia's eating habits are still irregular but this is the pattern she started in her third week)

  • gets 1 bottle a day of expressed milk from her dad

  • sleeps swaddled in her crib at night

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  1. Sophia - you are getting so big! Stop growing until I get out to see you, ok? Thanks.

    Auntie Emily

    ps - tell your mommy to let me fix her blog background and header. It's getting a little ridiculous out here. ha! :o)