Friday, February 18, 2011

one month!

One month ago Sophia Alice arrived and changed our lives for the better! What a month it has been! Sophia has grown so much in just her first month of life going from a sleepy newborn who ate 12 times a day to having more wakeful periods and greating us with coos and baby babbles.

Her first month of life was filled with visits from friends and family, volunteering for Reading Camp (starting her young!), trips to the doctors for check ups, walks around the neighborhood (yes, in February, in Cleveland! 60 degree weather!) and lots of snuggles with mommy and daddy.

At one month Sophia:
  • wears size newborn and 0-3 month clothes

  • weighs 9lbs 8oz and is 20 3/4" long

  • eats every 2-3 hours during the day and every 3-4 hours at night

  • loves to sleep in the beco baby carrier during the day

  • sleeps swaddled in her crib at night

  • must be reading the baby books because she is trying out all the soothing techniques! one day she loves car rides, the next its the vacuum, she's going right through the whole list :)

  • can lift her head and turn it

  • coos and babbles

1 comment:

  1. I can't believe it has been a month!! She is going to be so big by the time I get to see her again in May!!