Wednesday, February 16, 2011

4 weeks!

It is hard to believe Sophia has been with us for 4 weeks already! She is growing and changing every day!

During her fourth week Sophia had her first trip to the outlets! It was a nice sunny day on Saturday so we decided to go there and exchange some clothes Sophia was growing out of before she got to wear them. Sophia did really well. She slept most of the time and sucked on her pacifier when she was awake.

On Sunday, Sophia went to church for the first time for a Reading Camp meeting. She did wonderfully again slept, ate, and slept again! Everyone was very excited to meet her! She also had a visit from Nana and Pappy who brought her a Valentine's day gift.

Sophia has started to have some fussier periods in her fourth week especially in the evenings. She seems to have read about the "witching hour" and decided to join the bandwagon. Some, not every night, she fusses in the evening hours and no one thing seems to work to settle her to sleep. Some nights swaddling works, other nights lots of rocking, last night she and daddy danced and sang 80's love ballads..... Every night is a new adventure.

At 4 weeks Sophia:

  • wears size newborn and some 0-3 months clothes

  • eats 8x a day-her timing is ever changing roughly every 2-3 hours, some nights will go 4-5hours but not consistently

  • hates having her diaper and clothes changed most of the time

  • loves sleeping in the beco baby carrier (most of the time...Sophia isn't consistent these days in her likes and dislikes!)

  • has started to hate car rides as of Monday! We're not sure why!

  • is starting to coo and make other noises when awake

  • Can lift her head and hold it better each day

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  1. Happy 4 weeks Sophia! Get all of that fussy out of your system before I come to visit, ok? (just kidding...I love dancing to 80s music/rocking/swaddling!) :o)

    Asher says hi to his Valentine!