Sunday, December 5, 2010

33 Weeks!

33 weeks was a good week for Baby C, Carl and I. Other than some insomnia everything seems to be going smoothly as we get closer to the big day! It's hard to believe but in just 3 weeks Baby C will be full term and can safely make her debut! While I am sure there were moments during this pregnancy when I felt like I would never get to see my little girl, as we get closer it feels like it is flying by!

The upcoming weeks are very busy for us so Carl and I decided to do a date night this past Friday. It may be our last for awhile so we decided to go all out. We had a very good dinner at Crop Bistro in the Warehouse District and then stayed in a suite at the Renaissance. We relaxed in the morning and then got a yummy breakfast at the Waterstreet Grill, also in the Warehouse District. It was a very nice, relaxing evening.

The picture for this week was taken on our date night in front of the hotel. You can see the Christmas lights in Public Square in the background.

How far along: 33 weeks and 5 days in the picture

Net weight gain: 20 lbs at last doc apt. again---still no scale at home :)

Stretch marks: still none...wondering when I am going to regret this item

Belly button: mostly outie but not totally popped

Sleep: less than comfortable...though I did find the king sized bed at the hotel to be very if we could get one to fit in our room.

Food cravings: pickles are making a come back

Food aversions: nothing....just hungry

What I miss: a glass of wine with my dinner at Crop Bistro

Looking forward to: our Baby Showers!

Best moment this week: spending some qt with my hubs on our date night and getting the lyrics to our baby girl's lullaby (written by our friend Cara)

Milestones: Baby C weighs in at 5lbs now! :O

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  1. Yay for fun date nights! It was great to see all 3 of you over the weekend!