Thursday, December 30, 2010

jungle friends

Baby C's nursery is basically complete!! I am so excited to have it all set up and ready for Baby C. I love it and find myself just standing in the doorway staring some nights :) The only thing left is to hang her name over the crib! We have it, but will reveal it after she is born. I am very excited to put it up. :)
Without further adieu, here is the nursery!
My Aunt Annalynn and cousin Jenny gave us this rug at my baby shower. It totally completes our nursery and is even prettier in person. Thor loves it too (see picture above).

I love our little reading, nursing nook. I can't wait to read Baby C lots of goodnight stories here.

There it is! Now all we need is Baby C to start breaking it in :)

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  1. I LOVE it!! So cute and cozy. Baby C will love it too! :o)