Sunday, January 22, 2012

12 months

One more post about this little lady turning 1! This will probably be the last of the monthly posts. I've enjoyed keeping track of this little ladies milestones each month so we'll see :)

Sophia's actual birthday was a great day!! She had fun playing with all the toys at the doctor's office and didn't mind having her blood drawn one bit! In the afternoon we went to one of her favorite play spots, the library. In the evening we had a birthday cake picnic in the living room and Aunt Annalynn and cousin Jenny sang Sophia 'Happy Birthday' over FaceTime.

Sophia is at such a sweet stage right now. Her play is much more toddler like these days and she laughs and laughs.

Sophia is working really hard on walking these days and loves pushing her babies around in the rocking chair. No independent steps yet but we expect them any day now!

At 12 months Sophia:
  • weighs 19lbs 2.5 oz (25%) and is 29" tall (50%)
  • wears size 12 month clothes
  • eats 3 meals a day, nurses in the morning, and has 3 cups/bottles of milk/formula a day
  • takes 2 naps a day (most of the time...) and sleeps from 7pm-7am
  • cruises and walks with a push toy
  • has one tooth (bottom left)
  • loves to give kisses especially to her baby dolls
  • loves unloading things (especially my drawers) and is starting to load
  • points and babbles
  • stands for brief periods on her own
  • scrunches up her face when she doesn't like something or is unsure of someone
  • is very loved!

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