Monday, January 16, 2012

the Birthday Bash

This past Sunday we threw a party for a very special little girl who will be 1 on Wednesday! Gasp! I know! I can't believe it either! 1 already! I insisted we do this first birthday thing up right and have a party! So party we did with our family and close friends.

The guest of honor had a blast and we even managed to get some great pictures of the three of us!
Sophia was very dainty with her smash cake. There was absolutely no smashing but a lot of carefully picking up sprinkles and small pieces of cake. Mom had to cut into it with a fork to show Sophia there was more to it than icing and sprinkles.
Sophia loved 'opening' gifts. After Christmas I wasn't sure she'd really be into it but she really liked checking everything out. She was very good about 'reading' the cards before opening the gifts.
Sophia entertained everyone by kissing her new baby doll before we could get her out of the box. This little lady is not shy! She apparently didn't inherit a fear of doing anything in front of large groups from her parents. The more the crowd laughed the more Sophia kissed the doll. :)
We had a wonderful afternoon celebrating our little girl. We feel so blessed by our family and friends who were their to share this special time with us.


  1. YAY!! Fun party pics!

    I CANNOT believe that it's been a year - seriously.

    Glad you all had a fun party. Sorry we missed it!

  2. Sorry to have missed the party too! I love that she was kissing her baby doll. So cute!:-)